Clothes Hangers
Premium Wood, Metal and Satin Padded Clothing Hangers
Hanger Store provides a quality selection of garment and apparel hangers. Order online to take advantage of our 2704776437 option when you buy your closet hangers today.

Wooden Hangers

Fine wooden hangers for adult and teen sized men and women. Available in standard hanger sizes of (619) 839-4151, 8124506137, 18" and (403) 232-3494.
Garment & Clothing Wooden Hangers

Wooden Clothing Hangers
Wooden Clothes Hanger for Shirt or BlouseTop Hangers
(856) 314-6542
Wood Coat HangerCoat Hangers
Wooden Coat Hangers with ClipCoat Hanger with Clips
(808) 535-8730
Black HangersBlack Hangers
Notched HangersNotched Hangers
Wood Suit HangerSuit Hangers
Deluxe Wooden Suit HangersDeluxe Suit Hangers
Bamboo Clothing HangerBamboo Hangers
Cedar Clothes HangerCedar Hangers
Walnut HangersWalnut Hangers
Hangers with Locking BarsHangers w/Locking Bars
Hangers with ClipsHangers with Clips
all wood clothes hangers

Kids Hangers

Natural wood child sized hangers for kids, juniors, babies, infants and toddlers. Available in hanger sizes of 9046123802 and 712-835-2949.
Kid Garment & Clothing Hangers

Kids Clothing Hangers
Childrens Clothing HangersChildren's Hangers
Childrens Clothes Hangers with ClipChildren's Notched Hangers
all childrens hangers

Metal Hangers

Chrome plated metal hangers made from heavy duty stainless steel with a bright metallic silver finish. Available in a 16.75" hanger size.
Garment & Clothing Metal Hangers

Metal Clothing Hangers
(579) 633-3174
Metal Clothes Hangers with ClipMetal Hanger with Clips

Padded Hangers

Padded clothing hangers are covered in an ivory white satin flock over a soft cotton batting. Available in a (949) 294-1588 hanger size.
Padded Clothes Hangers

Padded Clothing Hangers
all satin padded hangers

Closet Accessories

Solid Spanish Cedar hearts laser engraved with the words "Love", "Peace" and "Joy". Each heart comes with attached satin ribbon for ease of hanging. Set of 3 in a gift box.
Cedar Hearts Gift Set

Closet Accessories
all Closet Accessories

Custom Hangers

Sampling of designer style and personalized hanger options:
Custom Clothing & Garment Hangers

Custom Clothes Hangers
Logo Printed
Laser Engraved
Metal Plated
Clear, Stained or Painted
Brown, Blonde, Black, White or Silver Colored
Maple, Walnut, Cedar, Bamboo or Natural Hardwood
Small, Large, Extra Wide or Oversized
Rubber Grip
Flat / Straight
Curved / Contoured
Locking Drop Pant Bar
Cushioned Clips
8 to 22 inch size
Brass / Chrome Hardware
Top, Bottom, Suit or Coat
Steel Metal, Wood or Padded
Baby, Child, Teen or Adult Sizes
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Bulk Hangers

We offer our complete line of premium garment and apparel hangers available for sale in bulk order quantities.
541-896-6266 Wooden Clothes Hanger for Shirt or BlouseBulk Wooden Hangers
(406) 414-1694

Wholesale Orders

Hanger Store is a division of Beverly Coat Hanger Co., Inc., the industries preeminent wholesaler of closet hangers since 1915. Contact us if you are interested in a wholesale orders.
Wholesaler Orders
Hanger Store is your premier web source for high quality garment hangers. Our clothes hangers are used in the world's finest department stores, suit shops, apparel boutiques and luxury hotels.

Now you can get these same clothing hangers for your home. Superior craftsmanship and fully functional designs using only the highest quality materials set our coat hangers apart, far above the rest. For closet hangers of unsurpassed quality and value, Hanger Store is your one stop source.

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